How do I know if I'm running right?

Having a professional coach evaluate your form is a step in the right direction. To become more efficient and reduce your risk of injury, you must uncover your weaknesses, imbalances and bad habits...and fix them. 

Get a professional assessment to be sure. It's as simple as 1-2-3




Slow-Motion Video Stride Analysis

$149 - IN PERSON MEET-UP:  If you're in the area or passing through Bend Oregon, we can schedule a 45-Minute meet-up run.  We will record several slow-motion videos of you running and then analyze the results together.  The videos will then be further analyzed with the results sent to you with written critiques and suggestions for future reference.  One 20-minute follow up call is included.  A great way to document your improvements.

$79 - YOU PROVIDE THE VIDEO:  Can't visit Bend? No problem! Simply send 3 short videos of you running for analysis.  One from the front, the side, and from behind.  Just like the in-person meet-up videos, yours will be analyzed with results sent to you complete with written critiques and suggestions for future reference.  One 20-minute follow up call is included.  A great way to document your improvements.

$29 - SUMMARY REVIEW OF YOUR VIDEO:  This option is great if you just need the basics.  Send your videos to be analyzed on all the same points of reference.  You'll receive a brief summary of critiques and suggestions for future reference.  A great way to document your improvements.  A summary review is free for RunnersHigh clients.



Runner Mobility & Strength Assessment

$99 - IN PERSON MEET UP: Running efficiently depends on having good mobility (range of motion) and well balanced strength. During this 45-Minute meet-up assessment, you will be instructed to carefully perform a variety of movements that will show your areas of strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances. The results are then analyzed and sent to you in a comprehensive report that suggests specific, yet simple flexibility and strength building exercises for improving your running efficiency. One 20-minute follow up call is included.


3- Max HR Test

  • Maximum Heart Rate Test

$49 - MAX HEART RATE TEST:  Using Heart Rate Zones for training is a great tool IF you use your TRUE maximum heart rate. The most effective and accurate method to determine your true maximum HR is to  perform a highly structured 30 minute test. During this test, you will be monitored and instructed exactly how to properly execute the run to achieve desired results. The data collected will then be analyzed and sent to you in a report that clearly prescribes how to use it in training... in very simple terms.



$197 - IN PERSON FULL EVALUATION:  Schedule a 90 minute FULL package that includes all three: 1) Slow-Motion Video Running Form Analysis, 2) Runner Mobility & Strength Assessment, and 3) Maximum Heart Rate Test. Your full report, complete with video critiques, strength and flexibility exercises, and heart-rate training zones will be prepared for you...including suggestions and simple solutions. This is a $100 savings on individual rates.

Watch the sample video below and decide for yourself...

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