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"Join me for the simple answers"

  • RRCA Certified Running Coach Level-2

  • USA Track & Field Certified Coach

  • VDOT 02 Certified Running Coach

  • Healthy Running Certified Coach

  • Revolution Running Certified Coach

Meet Coach Jim

Jim returned to running after raising a great family and growing his career as an instructor in the aerospace industry. He quickly rediscovered the joy of healthy running...but not without a few missteps along the way.

"Even after I started running again, I still struggled with weight, motivation and some minor injuries."

Running became more than a hobby; it turned into a quest for knowledge. The wide range of technical and sometimes conflicting terms only made things harder to understand. Even the experts lacked straight-forward answers to better form, faster running, and proven principles.

Since sorting through the volumes of information about running can be frustrating, Jim decided to apply his rare talent of interpreting technical information and turning it into easy-to-understand terms.

"Once I figured out how it worked, I knew what I had to do".

After his first, albeit slow, 5 hour 35 minute full marathon in Honolulu in 2008, he started applying his newfound knowledge for steady improvements. Training smarter has allowed him to achieve impressive times, even winning a marathon in his age-group with a much improved 3 hour 34 minute finish, qualifying him to enter and race with the best-of-the-best at the 2016 Boston Marathon. Jim qualified to return to Boston again in 2018 with a fast 3:39 finish at the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon, which is not an easy course! Then despite fierce headwinds, cold temperatures and heavy rain, Jim completed the 2018 Boston Marathon in the top 12% of his age-division with a 3:43 finish time, re-qualifying to return again in 2019. Then for a third time, Jim ran the Boston Marathon on April 15th, 2019 with an even faster finish of 3:37, which was strangely again in the top 12% of his age division. Wish him luck at Boston in 2020!

Jim now shares his passion for running and all things technically related with his training system that gives the short answer to every runner's questions.

  1. What should I be doing?

  2. How should I do it?

  3. Why am I doing it?

"Running can be hard, even harder if you do it wrong. As your coach, I guide you safely to your goal."

Coach Jim Partridge

Boston Marathon 2019

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From concept to completion - call to discuss your needs

Event Planning - Course/Start/Finish Layout - Race Timing & Announcing - Sponsors/Branding - Vendor/Exhibitor Setups - Permits/Safety/Legal

  • Fun Runs/Charity Events

  • 1K - 3K Kids Runs

  • 5K Run/Walk (3.1 Miles)

  • 10K (6.2 Miles)

  • Half-Marathon (13.1 Miles)

  • Full Marathon (26.2 Miles)

  • Ultra-Marathon (50K to 100 Miles)

  • Trail Races