6-Month Custom Training Plan: $299


Why is this a good idea?

You have 4 choices…

  1. Train yourself and hope for the best using the “willy-nilly” approach. RESULTS: Cheapest option, not effective, and high risk of injury

  2. Buy an online “cookie-cutter” training plan and hope for the best. RESULTS: Inexpensive but usually ineffective because one-size does not fit all

  3. Hire a coach, and if he’s good you’ll probably do well. RESULTS: Expensive and rigid, sometimes awkward

  4. RECOMMENDED: Use RunnersHigh to build your personalized custom training plan for a ONE-TIME cost of $299 (that’s less than $50-Month). RESULTS: Inexpensive, flexible, very effective and completely recyclable (click HERE to get started)

Together we collaborate on an effective strategy to safely reach your goals. Using my step-by-step system we create your personalized 6-month training plan that follows proven strategies and principles.

What does it take to build a Custom Training Plan?

Meet up: collaborating on building YOUR training custom plan

Meet up: collaborating on building YOUR training custom plan

Simply fill out your RUNNER PROFILE questionnaire so I have all the necessary info about you as a runner and your goals. Next, we will talk over the phone (or we meet-up in person if you're local) for about 30 minutes to review your running history, short and long term goals, and lifestyle variables to be sure we get it right. Then, using my proprietary RunnersHigh Training Plan checklist, we sketch out your plan based on microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles (short, intermediate and long term periods), insert your personal schedule, preferences, and lifestyle limitations.

When we’re done, I go to work putting it all together and send it to you on a pdf calendar so all you have to do is RUN!

Each phase of training is built using proven methods for developing a base fitness, strength, speed, stamina, race prep, and recovery with emphasis on your personal needs. Every run will have a purpose so you’ll know; What, Why, and exactly HOW to do each run…at the most effective paces. In final review I will ensure your mileage volume, tempo paces, race paces, long runs, speed work and recovery are in total balance and appropriate for your goals.

Why pay a monthly coaching fee? Just build your plan and go!

Whether you need a 3 month plan or a full term 6-month training plan, this is it. No waiting and guessing what’s coming in the weeks and months ahead. No waiting on “spoon-fed” workouts for only one or two weeks at a time. Your training plan covers it all from beginning to end. Best of all, since you OWN your plan you can recycle it over and over!

Your plan also comes with 6-months full access to your coach to guide your progress. I’m here when you need me.

That’s less than $50 Month!

You simply follow your custom training plan and get the help when you need it…just reach out any time you have questions or need a little guidance.

“But what about making adjustments to my plan?” That’s easy, just reach out to me and I’ll guide you in making changes whenever needed.

You’ll finally have a simple-to-follow training blueprint that makes sense for you!

This approach works very well for the “self-motivated” runner who doesn’t need or want a cheerleader. After all, about 90% of a coach’s work is done once a custom training plan has been built. Stop paying a monthly fee for a coach you only need once in a while!

“Whether just getting started or training to qualify for Boston Marathon, a custom training plan is essential!” - Coach Jim

Are you ready to get serious?

To get started; click HERE and fill out your "RUNNER PROFILE" questionnaire. As you fill in your profile, you’ll immediately see how this info is used to develop a custom training plan specifically for you. There are many essential ingredients that go into a training plan and it takes some serious work to do it right, so it's important for you to provide as much detail as you can about your history and your goals.

When you finish your RUNNER PROFILE just click through the next step and select a payment option at the bottom of the page. That’s it, you’re done! I will immediately receive a notification that you are ready to schedule a time to build your training plan. You will then hear from me right away to set-up your “Custom Training Plan” phone session. After our call (or meet-up) you’ll be on your way with a personalized training plan built just for you!

"My goal is to send you in the right direction so you can safely and effectively train on your own." - Coach Jim

It gets even better

If you’re using the fitness app Strava I can follow your progress (yes, it’s free and optional). Yup, I'm right there to monitor every run you make. You might even receive a comment, email or text to offer advice or suggestions. It's like having me standing right there at the side of the track as you run by…but YOU are in charge.

"From new runners to marathoners...and anyone in between, it's essential to have a plan that is built just for you." - Coach Jim

What else is included?

BONUS! Every one of my runners receives one of these cool Milestone Pods at signup. My gift to you!

  • 6-Months Unlimited Coach Access via messaging/text/email

  • Assistance in race selection, prep and planning to guide you to your goal

  • Summary stride review of your running form video (free if you provide the video)

  • Summary review of your previous training plans

  • BONUS! Receive a free Milestone Pod with signup (watch promo video here —->)

How hard can it be to develop a training plan? I'm glad you asked...

As you know, training right and becoming a better runner is a very complex journey. For example, a well written plan will have base, strength, speed, stamina, race, and recovery phases, built on your specific needs. These are planned around cutback weeks and follow the stepped progression of the “IIP” principle (Introduce, Improve, Perfect) using a careful balance of aerobic effort, anaerobic, lactic threshold, and V02 Max running. The frequency, intensity and duration of every run has to match your specific goals and current abilities…and allow for your personal preferences and lifestyle variables. Add to all that some form development drills, speed work sessions, stamina, racing and fueling strategies, and you can see why you need a coach to fit those pieces of the puzzle together. There’s more, but you get the idea.

What about my stride? How do I know if I'm running right? Answer below…

Video Stride Analysis $199

  • Stop-Motion Video Stride Analysis: $199

  • Runner Strength & Mobility Assessment: $139

  • Maximum Heart Rate Test: $79

  • FULL ANALYSIS & ASSESSMENT PACKAGE: $299 (all three 28% discount)

Learn the secrets to a better stride...

Watch the 90-Second DEMO video

Other Special Features

  • Partner Plan: Train with a friend and both get 25% off your Custom Training Plans (synchronized)

  • One-on-One Private Coach Training Run: $49 (bring a friend, no extra charge)

  • Race Pacing: $50-$250+ I can be your race-pacer from a 5K to an Ultra-Marathon