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  • Learn the Basic Concepts, Principles, Theories and Rules of Running (30 Minutes)

  • HOW-TO safely and effectively execute a good race! (30 Minutes)

  • Improve Efficiency: How to Run with Proper Form (1 Hour)

  • Improve Performance: Develop Endurance & Speed (90 Minutes)

  • How to Safely Build-Your-Own Training Plan (2 Hours)

  • Or, pick your own topic - custom workshop


Schedule a private clinic or workshop for your club, group or class.

“I don’t do this for the money, I do it because I love to share the science of safe and effective running” - Coach Jim

VERY REASONABLE RATES! Flexible terms for fundraising, profit sharing, per-person, or flat rate. Call to discuss details for booking your workshop or clinic.

  • Contact Carol for details at (909) 239-1713